Automator Actions for iMagine Photo

9 January 2006

The Chroma Key action has been updated again. The action now adds a chroma width feature to the action which takes advantage of the update of iMagine Photo to 2.1.3. All the actions mentioned below are now included with iMagine Photo.

6 June 2005

The Chroma Key action has been updated to version 1.1. This update fixes a bug that stopped the Chroma Key action working with tiff files. The action no longer lists photoshop files as compatible format.

31 May 2005

I have completed a Get Image File Metadata action. This action pulls the metadata that you choose out of image files. The metadata is information like color space and exif. The action writes the information to a text file where the data is delimited using either a tab or comma.


22 May 2005

I have completed a Chroma Key action. This action works only with image formats like PNG, TIFF, JP2 and Photoshop that allow transparency information to be stored in the alpha channel. The action allows you to choose the blue screen colour, and the colour tolerance. A high tolerance will result in only the blur screen colour being transparent while a low tolerance will make a broad range of colours transparent or semi-transparent.

16 May 2005

I have finished another action called Scale To. This action allows you to scale an image so that the longest edge will be the length specified in the actions interface. If the images are jpeg files then the action will also allow you to specify either the jpeg compression quality or the desired file size.

This action can be downloaded here.

If you have any problems installing this Automator action please e-mail me: support at


7 May 2005

A new action for iMagine Photo. This action allows you to add a border with a specified width and colour to image files.

This action can be downloaded here.