The documentation is broken up into sections. The iMagine Photo section is introductory and describes the range of functionality that iMagine Photo provides. It points you to where to find the documentation for the latest features and it also covers the applescript functionality that is provided at an application level.

The Watermark/security and the Preparing for the internet sections not only describe the iMagine Photo functionality that relate to these topics but also provide practical Apple Scripts that can be usedwith iMagine Photo.

The detailed documentation section covers all of the different functional areas of iMagine Photo. It is not exhaustive and if you feel that you require further details on any particular topic then please e-mail me at ktam at

For testing purposes I find that using the AppleScript editor Smile is a useful interactive environment for playing with the functionality of iMagine Photo. Information about Smile can be obtained from:

The reason I recommend Smile is because you do not have to write out complete scripts to try something out.

iMagine Photo works perfectly well with Apple's Script Editor and for users of Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) there are many scripts in the documentation which can be opened in a Script Editor window by simply clicking on the appropriate link. Thanks to Jonn8 for his Convert Script to Markup Code application that I have used to do this. You can read about his AppleScript efforts and applications here.